Agate Biosciences LLC - Science/Systems Engineering: Controlled Environment Agriculture
Agate Biosciences provides the
Science and Systems Engineering for
Controlled Environment Agriculture

  • Healthy root development -  focused on microbiology for optimized nutrient uptake
  • Synthetic and Organic nutrient optimization
  • Probiotics for plants to optimize health and minimize/eliminate use of pesticides
  • Biosecurity (plant health security) planning
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Clean room standards implementation with essential checks and balances
Systems Engineering
  • Controlled Environment Agriculture Systems Assessment and Optimization
  • Lighting systems recommendations
  • Integrated systems modeling to assess and eliminate inefficiencies
  • Written requirements; validated processes; and reviewed, well-written operations plans
  • Written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Manuals
Let us help you build and maintain your
Healthy Hydroponics System:

  • We are professional scientists and engineers, bringing evidence-based best practices to the initial assessment, start-up, build, and operations of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) (greenhouses and indoor urban agriculture) businesses

  • We provide detailed scientific assessment and monitoring of plants and their growing environment, as well as a systems- and sub-systems level engineering practices to environmental control and optimization.  We conduct experiments, performance simulations, and numerical modeling of CEA systems in our facilities in Los Angeles

  • We want to help you:
    • Cut costs with optimized Systems Design and Modeling
    • Optimize yield and quality through Customized Nutrient Selection
    • Keep your crop healthy with Assessment and Monitoring of Biosecurity Threats
    • Lead your special projects, with Project Management, Research Studies and Detailed Reports

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