Agate Biosciences LLC - Science/Systems Engineering: Controlled Environment Agriculture

We are here for you, for the preparation of winning applications and business plans for the Cities and State of California, and in other states across the US

Project Management – e.g., Project Plans, Business Plans, Applications, Financial Review
  • Team Building
  • Workshops to get team working efficiently and with alacrity
  • Creative Problem Solving and Design Thinking Methods
  • Project Definition
  • Win Strategy
  • Documentation Planning with Document and Knowledge Management (Document Tree Structure)
  • Confluence, Sharepoint, or other secure document control and team co-workspace management
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Schedule with Critical Path and Dependencies and resource utilization
  • MS Project, SmartSheet
  • Receivables and Deliverables
  • Resource and Responsibility Assignments
  • Financial Modeling with pro forma sheets and five-year projections with tables and graphs, for use in review
  • Project Budget and Control
  • Make-Buy Decisions
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plans
  • Stakeholder Management and Engagement Plans
  • Management of the “Project” – e.g., Plan, Application, Presentations, Education Program, Assembly, etc.
  • Close-out and Post-Project Review

Example Written Products

Business Plans
  • Development of the requirements, needs, market projections, competitive analysis, storytelling, win themes, death threats, SWOT analysis, GIFBPs
  • Executive Summary
  • Storyboards
  • Key Graphics
  • Full Multi-Section Preparation
  • Financial Modeling Review
  • Pro Forma sheets and projections with graphs and tables (prepared by our accounting team)
  • Requirements shred
  • Document Tree development and implementation
  • Application Management Planning
  • Team Building
  • Planning and Writing “Workshops”
  • Storyboards
  • Key Graphics Planning
  • Writing of all Sections
  • Editing of all Sections
  • Standard Operating Procedures with Validation
  • Full Management of Processes and Assembly of the Application
  • Establishment of Application Review Processes
  • Interface/Hand-off with Legal Team for Compliance with Law
  • Interface/Hand-off with Security Team Financial,  and other application-specific teams to ensure validated processes are developed

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