Agate Biosciences LLC - Science/Systems Engineering: Controlled Environment Agriculture

We are here for you, for the preparation of winning applications for the cities and State of California

Project Management – e.g., Project Plans, Business Plans, Applications, Financial Review
  • Team Building
  • Workshops to get team working efficiently and with alacrity
  • Creative Problem Solving and Design Thinking Methods
  • Project Definition
  • Win Strategy
  • Documentation Planning with Document and Knowledge Management (Document Tree Structure)
  • Confluence, Sharepoint, or other secure document control and team co-workspace management
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Schedule with Critical Path and Dependencies and resource utilization
  • MS Project, SmartSheet
  • Receivables and Deliverables
  • Resource and Responsibility Assignments
  • Financial Modeling with pro forma sheets and five-year projections with tables and graphs, for use in review
  • Project Budget and Control
  • Make-Buy Decisions
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plans
  • Stakeholder Management and Engagement Plans
  • Management of the “Project” – e.g., Plan, Application, Presentations, Education Program, Assembly, etc.
  • Close-out and Post-Project Review

Example Written Products

Business Plans
  • Development of the requirements, needs, market projections, competitive analysis, storytelling, win themes, death threats, SWOT analysis, GIFBPs
  • Executive Summary
  • Storyboards
  • Key Graphics
  • Full Multi-Section Preparation
  • Financial Modeling Review
  • Pro Forma sheets and projections with graphs and tables (prepared by our accounting team)
  • Requirements shred
  • Document Tree development and implementation
  • Application Management Planning
  • Team Building
  • Planning and Writing “Workshops”
  • Storyboards
  • Key Graphics Planning
  • Writing of all Sections
  • Editing of all Sections
  • Standard Operating Procedures with Validation
  • Full Management of Processes and Assembly of the Application
  • Establishment of Application Review Processes
  • Interface/Hand-off with Legal Team for Compliance with Law
  • Interface/Hand-off with Security Team Financial,  and other application-specific teams to ensure validated processes are developed

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