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Controlled Environment Agriculture Is a
Key Element in Fostering Global Food Security

"Hyper Local Food"

We advocate for "Hyper Local Food" by supporting the development of a tightly knit urban agricultural environment within city spaces.  The leftover, unworkable urban space in cities, such as vacant buildings, warehouses, and brownfields, provides an excellent starting point for sites for new urban agriculture.  We want to help figure out how to create an "hyper local food" movement in which food is grown for residents within a radius of 5 km from a central small farmer's market location.  We want the people to have a sense of ownership and community and only have, at most, a 5 km walk from home to fresh and delicious food -- a distance that can be comfortably walked in one hour.  We want to help establish the "hyper local food" movement and help support the Milan Protocol to solve the problems of global food security. 

  • Improve nutrition
  • Save water and energy
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduce food waste
  • Build neighborhoods and community
  • Help to end hunger
Urban Controlled Environment Agriculture
Hyper Local Farms

Whether in fully enclosed spaces or in greenhouses, growing food in the "neighborhood," a new concept of distributed food growth and production, is a key element for 21st century global food security.  Working in the local urban setting, "microfarms" will provide fresh and delicious food to those closest to them and fill an immediate need to help stop hunger right at home and nearby (within 5 km) - a comfortable one-hour walk from home.

Growing "hyper local food" will help alleviate hunger, save water, reduce energy costs, and help reduce the carbon footprint caused by transporting food hundreds of miles to consumers.  "Extreme local food" will foster community building and help end hunger right here at home. 
Home is where the heart is and where the food is.

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