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Mars Greenhouse Project
The Greening of the Red Planet through Controlled Environment Agriculture

Survival on Mars depends upon the creation of a robust infrastructure that will provide food and oxygen to the people living there.  We will need advanced greenhouse and indoor sustainable agriculture technologies and processes to enable future colonists to survive, and thrive, on the Red Planet.  The advances in In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) and in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) will provide the necessary technologies.  We need to invest now in those technologies and building the capabilities on Earth that will be easily transferable to Mars, when the time comes.

Robotic Precursor Mars Greenhouse Experiment Module (Mars GEM)

The Mars Greenhouse Experiment Module, Mars GEM, has been a dream of the founders of Agate Biosciences since 1997. Both scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, they embraced the idea that Mars GEM could pave the way for Martian agriculture and, ultimately -- the production of food and oxygen for astronaut colonists on Mars. In 1997, they first proposed the greenhouse for a human precursor "mission to Mars" project to NASA.  It was planned for a human precursor mission that would have tested several new capabilities in advance of sending astronauts there.  Although the entire human precursor Mars mission was canceled before Mars GEM could fly, the dream of starting agriculture on Mars carried on.  The founders could not give up on the dream of the "Greening of the Red Planet."

Today that dream is alive and well -- with hopes that new partnerships will enable Martian Agriculture to be established and ready for food production as soon as we are ready to launch astronauts to the Red Planet.

Mars ACRES - a new testbed to prove technologies for Humans on Mars

With plans for astronauts to establish a base on Mars in this or the next couple of decades, we need to ensure that they will have fresh food and oxygen generated from plants that they grow in Controlled Environment Agriculture on or below the Martian surface.
The new Mars Autonomous Controlled Environment System (Mars ACRES) testbed  is a precursor Earth-based experiment that will be able to demonstrate autonomous greenhouse operations here before they are sent to operate on the Martian surface.  It will prove that plants can thrive in a martian environment with all of the latest technologies and methodologies.  It will be a pathfinder for protocols and practices to enable large-scale Martian Agriculture.
We will test all of the technologies and protocols for Martian Agriculture on Earth before we implement it in the real Martian colony.  We want to practice everything on Earth before we take it out for the real thing on Mars!

Recent Events
Recent University and College presentations:
   October 2015: The University of Arizona Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (UA-CEAC)
   May 2016: Fullerton College, Department of Horticulture
   Title: Martian Agriculture: The Key to Survival on Mars
Recent School presentations:
   Rolling Hills School
   Title: Martian Salsa Workshop

See a video clip below:

Other Opportunities
If you are in the Los Angeles area, we will come to your organization, club, or school and give a fun and interesting presentation about Martian Agriculture.  We will tailor the presentation just for you and your group.  Send us an e-mail at

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