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Special Projects Keep Us on the
Leading Edge of Technology and Innovation

Top Ten Special Projects from 2016

  1. Developed a Hydroponics curriculum for college students, currently taught at a local community college each semester with about 25 students per class
  2. Research related to the development of an organic, hydroponic tomato, in partnership with the University of Arizona
  3. Development of integrated cost model, five year projections, and profitability analysis for start-up businesses in the agricultural realm
  4. Initiated a free Meetup program for Hydroponics for Beginners to help introduce Hydroponics into the community to help educate and allow beginners to learn without having to invest funds to learn the basics
  5. Initiated a Workshop series and 4-month Growers educational program to aid people who want to start to grow food hydroponically in their own homes
  6. Developed the "Martian Salsa" school education program in which students received a fun lecture about astronauts making salsa on Mars, from scratch - as they learn about martian agriculture.  Then, they are provided a martian greenhouse kit in which we all build individual small martian greenhouses seeded with lima beans that they can take home with them and watch the germination and growth of the plants
  7. Consulted with greenhouse and indoor growers to optimize their biosecurity operations
  8. Diagnosed pathogens and deficiencies in a wide variety of CEA crops, with assistance on remediation of the problems
  9. Performed microscopic analysis of water test samples to assess microbial counts, species, and quality for a university experimental program
  10. Established requirements for a large indoor growing facility to assess flow down, work breakdown, workforce, schedule, and work planning for the customer.  Developed optimized model for planned operations of the facility.

Top Ten Special Projects from 2015

  1. Participated in tomato yield trials in a closed environment agriculture setting
  2. Conducted additional research to develop the concept for the Mars Greenhouse and partnering on a Lunar Greenhouse to create a system that will produce both food and oxygen in the extreme space environment
  3. Continued design of the Oxy-Box in situ oxygen generation system for astronauts, based on the small water fern - Azolla
  4. Worked with a community-based assessment and monitoring program for the San Gabriel Valley for the PSHB infestation that is killing the trees across a broad swath of Southern California
  5. Worked with Huntington Gardens, "Innovate Pasadena," and "TechSparks" to partner on ways to foster a healthy agroecology and how we can help support global food security
  6. Developed next-generation nutrient formulations for hydroponic plant growth
  7. Led the development of a high-quality, hydroponics grade compost tea
  8. Consulted on greenhouse design and optimization that is tailored to the individual client needs
  9. Established professional standards for the microbiological quality of compost and compost tea. Start the professional Compost Tea Association
  10. Led proposal teams for high-value agricultural proposals into regulated environments
Top Ten Special Projects from 2014

  1. Assessed indoor lighting products and companies concerning claims of higher crop production and yield
  2. Consulted with a Start-up company to do project planning, documentation, business plan development, pro forma worksheets, projections, and organization to establish a business to grow specialty crops
  3. Created the Back-Easy Bag Garden for food production.  This low-cost alternative to ground-based or raised bed gardening allows people with mobility problems or back problems to garden at a height 3 feet or more
  4. Conducted numerical modeling of greenhouse optimization that includes location and design details
  5. Created a Quantitative Assessment of Compost Tea
  6. Conducted growth studies of the small water fern Azolla for food and biofuel production
  7. Studied, by physical observation, record-taking, and database development, the Urban Forest damage and collapse caused by PSHB in the San Gabriel Valley
  8. Worked with extreme local food producers to enhance their outreach to the community to enhance local food availability
  9. Developed educational presentations for children and adults to help them learn about greenhouses and food production
  10. Presented talks and demonstrations concerning greenhouse food production for Earth, as well as in space for astronauts and potential Mars colonists
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